"Your Friend in the Business"

The real estate market is changing, these days on a daily basis. Our team keeps up on changing market conditions and the latest rules of the road. It pays to have someone on your side who knows how the game is played. From latest marketing to get you the best price to finding the right home for your family's needs, we've done it successfully and continue to keep up and evolve with the times.

Areas that we cover include residential single family homes, condominiums and lofts as well as multifamily units (duplex/triplex/quadruplex). Areas we cover include most of LA County including central and South LA County, the Long Beach area and North Orange County. We’ve sold homes from Woodland Hills to Laguna Niguel.

Our past experience includes working in technology and visual arts as well as business administration. The skills we sharpened during these experiences translates well into our real estate practice.

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